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What comes to your mind when you hear the words BEST and FREE in a single line? You’re wanting it already, right? Same here with me. Same with us all – we all tend to grip to what’s life best offer, and if it’s free – we definitely won’t let go of it already.

In Website Development and Design here in the Philippines as well as abroad, there are numerous FREE options to choose from out there, BUT I will only mention here the BEST – as the title says. Best when it comes to flexibility, security, availability, and its ability to adapt to continuously growing technology.

Okay, without further ado, introducing (as if you never heard of it already hehe):


YES, you read it right. It’s no other than WordPress. I’ve been using WordPress since 2005 – when its power is intended primarily for blogging. Fast forward to 2021, WordPress is now the top Content Management System (CMS) that is being used by millions of individuals, businesses, and even corporates. I remember using WordPress as a corporate website back in 2013 where I worked as a Sr. Software Engineer somewhere in Makati City, Philippines. I believe they are still using the same installation (the one I set up) now, the design has been overhauled of course – but I can still “smell” my fingerprints on their website – just kidding!

I love WordPress and I want you to love it too – if you’re a fresh graduate of any course and you wish to learn web designing, or you want a website for your small business or for your profession but you don’t want to hire a pro developer, or you are someone who wants to learn web designing and have a limited time allotment for learning or should I say you want to skip the boring parts of learning web design and development… hear me, you are reading the right article. USE WORDPRESS!!! This is not your Web Design TUTORIAL though, there are sites that offer that, not here (for now), instead, this is just a guide or an eye-opener from a well-experienced WordPress user.

Why WordPress?

      1. Flexibility.
        As I mentioned earlier, back in 2005 (this is just me, for some they have been using WordPress as early as 2003), I only used WordPress for blogging. Since it’s FREE, it is well supported by the community of developers worldwide. Having said that, WordPress slowly transitioned from a blogging tool to an all-around web builder that can cater simple personal or brochure-type websites to complex web applications such as membership websites and e-commerce to name a few. Well, you can attain this with the right selection of FREE plugins available. My advice is to do your homework – research. Use only plugins that have positive reviews and it is being used by hundreds to thousands (even millions) websites already.

        TIP #1: Use free themes – play around with it, switch from one theme to another (yes you can do that)

        TIP #2: Install Elementor plugin and download Hello Elementor theme (this is FREE as well) – drag and drop baby!!! This is fun! – You’re welcome!

      2. Security.
        Like every software or web applications, there are loopholes somewhere. WordPress has. Where? When you install unsafe plugins. That’s why do your research first before installing any plugins. Still, WordPress is secured given that you are careful at what you are feeding it – yeah, I know I’m being redundant already.
        One factor that contributes to your website’s security is your hosting. I’m speaking of shared hosting. Think of this, you’re in a huge room sharing a space to sleep with a hundred other individuals – safe? Hell no, right? That’s the idea of shared hosting. It’s cheap but your security is compromised. Unless you are well prepared for any attacks. WordPress has security plugins that are available both for free and paid versions. Do your research, but I will mention below what I have been using with my websites. So, if your website needs to be secured first, YES you can use WordPress, BUT consider first where to host it.

        TIP# 1: Install Sucuri plugin – that’s your first shield against malware and other attacks. Been using this for quite some time now.

        TIP# 2: Get the best hosting you can get. High-rated hosting providers like HostGator, Bluehost, or if you have extra (since you save yourself from spending some to a developer) take WPEngine – highly recommended. Not as cheap as the 2 mentioned earlier but your life will be sweet with them. Customer service is also topnotch.

      3. Availability
        So, WordPress is always available for FREE. FREE, safe, and reliable plugins are also true (as I mentioned earlier, do your research first). Hundreds to thousands of FREE themes are also available. What else do you want to hear? Oh, of course, support? WordPress community is so huge and active that all of your possible concerns or issues with WordPress have been already discussed and solved – again, do your “google-thingy-research”. WordPress can be downloaded directly from their website OR you may use the app installer provided by most hostings inside their CPanel.
      4. Adaptability
        What proof do you need on this one? WordPress was born in May of 2003 and it’s 2021 now. Things evolved around us as well as with WordPress. From blogging tool to a go-to tool for web developers. Based on my experience, WordPress surprises me each time they released their yearly versions. Their post page/editor for 2019 – 2021 is so intuitive using blocks compared to the WSYWIG editor that has been used for so many years. Another thing is the ease to adapt to different devices. In my case, using Elementor’s editor – responsiveness is so easy to implement.


There is still a lot to discuss with this topic. Perhaps, I’m leaving you some grey areas intentionally for you to research or ask around in the comment section below. I will update this post if necessary.


So, it is always been WordPress. I know there are other options there, like Joomla, Drupal, or Wix to name a few – I was able to use those 3 other tools I mentioned on some of my past projects. Good tools in general, but I still prefer using WordPress, because it is rad.


Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, otherwise, keep silent.



Bryan is a multi-skilled individual with a passion for both music and everything about the web. A Web Developer/Designer since 2004, a musician and music producer, sound engineer - owns a complete semi-pro recording studio, loves vlogging and producing videos for Youtube. A family guy married to a wonderful wife with two adorable kids.


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